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3 Reasons to Try Machine Stroke Brows


I love Microblading! I still think it's the best thing next to sliced bread and love doing it.  However, have you seen this?  Are you mesmerized but the beautiful way the hair strands weave a genuine brow pattern in this style of PMU? We call this Machine Brow and it's magical! This style is rapidly gaining in popularity in the world of Permanent Makeup and we are asking why?  Here are three reasons you might want to learn how to do this before you get left in the dust by other forward thinking professionals in the permanent makeup field:

  • No Scarring-this method is very "gentle". It is done by a machine equipped with a fine HD needle in the dermal layers of the skin and because there is no "cutting" like in Microblading the client can come in indefinitely and have touch ups without fear of scar tissue or skin damage. We've all now seen some cases with Microblading where skin does not "bounce" back and ridges are visible where the blade has scored the skin.

  • More Realistic-You can "connect" the lines with this method thus the final result is more artistic and realistic. This really is a "genuine" brow! In Microblading connecting or crossing the lines is a no-no thus it can be a less realistic look.

  • Less Frequent Touch Ups- this is not only a savings for your client but as mentioned in point one, it is better for your client's skin to allow more time to go by between appointments.

Are you excited yet?  Come, give it a try.  Dora Hollos will be in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 28-29 teaching this amazing technique for an unbeatable price.  You can see the details on the class here

You Are a Perfect Candidate If...

Depending on the drawing technique miroblading creates an individual look for each eyebrow. So called 3D eyebrows do not appear as a tattoo. The technique has its origin in Asia and is gaining popularity worldwide.

This method is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows. The results are natural looking, hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present. People suffering from alopecia or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from Microblading, as well as people who simply aren’t happy with their eyebrows.  If you have over-plucked your brows, have a scar running through your brow that causes a bald spot or have a shape of a brow that makes your eyes/face appear sad, angry, permanently surprised  etc. then you are a perfect candidate for this semi-permanent procedure!

Crazy New Trend or Here To Stay?

The beauty world is abuzz with a new word, MICROBLADING! And we are in love.  How could Asia and Europe be apprise of such a great feat in permanent cosmetics when here in the US we a lagging behind, but no more. With the influx of Eastern European Microblading Academies we are now well on our way to utilizing this great semi-permanent cosmetic technique.  

Microblading is a pulling or swiping motion with a curved needle. This results in a fine line or scoring of the skin into which color is delivered by multiple needles on a slight curve.  No tapping. We’ve learned to use microblading not only for fine, natural hair-strokes that don’t blur or spread but to use many hand-tool needles, in addition to the curved ones, in a microblading stroke or to correct wrong color of old tattoos.

Microblading can be a life changing event.  Put the finest hairs back into your eyebrows to provide the finest definition and dimension possible. We can control the shape and symmetry of the brows better than ever before. Truly the most natural way to do eyebrow hair-strokes, you'll need to receive microblading from experienced professionals.

Unregulated by the State?

Much has been reported and said off the record about microblading lately. Not all was positive but yet it was positive for business. I get daily phone calls about microblading and all the good questions about retention, pain level, healing etc. I am glad microblading is being widely discussed.  It brings more attention to the industry as well as licensing.  Speaking of lisencing for is regulated the same way our tattoo industry is...not too closely.  The Health Department however keeps an eye out for all the registered microblading specialists.  Make sure to ask your microblading professional for their health department lisence.  If they can't show it to you then please be caucious, it is very important to follow proper sanitation procedures while performing permanent makeup.  Side effects of poor sanitation can be as minor as infection or as major as Hepetitis. Another thing I'd recommend is looking at not only Micrblading before and after photos but also healed microblading photos.  I corect an average of one set pf poorly done brows per week.  They are very tricky to correct so please do your microblading homework! Also, not everyone should be Microblading even if they are certified and Health Department Approved. Why you ask? Some people just have no talent and that’s sad and unfortunate but should absolutely figure into your final decision. Please, please, please don’t let someone permanently tattoo your face because they are running a great special or they are your sister’s nieces next door neighbor. That’s just idiotic!


What To Expect After The Procedure

Immediately after the treatment the color will appear darker than it will eventually be.  This is because the pigment takes around seven days to enter the deeper layers of the skin.  After 7 to 10 days exfoliation will take place. The top layer of the skin will peel off leaving a softer color below.  The result is an natural looking brow enhancement. As the treated area heals some itching may occur. This is a good sign.


Previously tattooed brows may take 1-3 treatments to achieve the desired results. Plan on scheduling the touch up within the first 2-3 months. 


Here is what you might expect for healed before touch up results if your aftercare is exceptional and your microblading professional was an expert

Here is what you might expect for healed before touch up results if your aftercare is exceptional and your microblading professional was an expert

Is It Safe?

• For the procedure, we use ac pigments (non-toxic and hypoallergenic mineral pigments)

• For each client, a new, single use blade is used

• We meet strict hygiene standards in compliance with all relevant legislative requirements.


Not only is it safe it is beautiful!

Not only is it safe it is beautiful!

What Happens During The Appointment?

• First we consult with you about your wishes and evaluate the condition of your eyebrows

•  Then some initial drawings of brow outlines are made on your face and corrected until your are fully satisfied with the results

•  We take photographs of the eyebrows and digitally check their symmetry

•  We match the color of the pigment to your hair color and skin tone

•  Thanks to some numbing cream the procedure is almost painless and the redness disappears in a day

•  The initial procedure takes about 2 hours and the touch up about 1 hour