Microblading Basics Course-November 25-27, 2018 

InstructorOlya van Patten


Deposit-$500 (non-refundable)

Length-4 Days

Take advantage of our hard earned knowledge and experience by taking a class with Utah's Only World Pro Artist.  You will learn combined techniques of some of the world's most renown Masters in one place for a small price.  

This private or semi-private (1-4 students) course is 4 days long with one day spent on your own studying the SPCP-Permanent Cosmetics The Foundation of Fundamental Application and three days in one on one training.  

In this course you will learn health and care principles, color theory, health department requirements and specifics, the best way to Microblade, brow mapping, touch up ins and outs, trouble-shooting poor retention, and endless other information.  You will watch one live demo and work on one (possibly two) models.

Upon completion of the course you are welcome to come and observe procedures and contact your Master for help until you are comfortable to spread your wings and begin your new business.  

  • Proof of Blood-bourne Pathogens Certificate Required