Crazy New Trend or Here To Stay?

The beauty world is abuzz with a new word, MICROBLADING! And we are in love.  How could Asia and Europe be apprise of such a great feat in permanent cosmetics when here in the US we a lagging behind, but no more. With the influx of Eastern European Microblading Academies we are now well on our way to utilizing this great semi-permanent cosmetic technique.  

Microblading is a pulling or swiping motion with a curved needle. This results in a fine line or scoring of the skin into which color is delivered by multiple needles on a slight curve.  No tapping. We’ve learned to use microblading not only for fine, natural hair-strokes that don’t blur or spread but to use many hand-tool needles, in addition to the curved ones, in a microblading stroke or to correct wrong color of old tattoos.

Microblading can be a life changing event.  Put the finest hairs back into your eyebrows to provide the finest definition and dimension possible. We can control the shape and symmetry of the brows better than ever before. Truly the most natural way to do eyebrow hair-strokes, you'll need to receive microblading from experienced professionals.