Unregulated by the State?

Much has been reported and said off the record about microblading lately. Not all was positive but yet it was positive for business. I get daily phone calls about microblading and all the good questions about retention, pain level, healing etc. I am glad microblading is being widely discussed.  It brings more attention to the industry as well as licensing.  Speaking of lisencing for microblading...it is regulated the same way our tattoo industry is...not too closely.  The Health Department however keeps an eye out for all the registered microblading specialists.  Make sure to ask your microblading professional for their health department lisence.  If they can't show it to you then please be caucious, it is very important to follow proper sanitation procedures while performing permanent makeup.  Side effects of poor sanitation can be as minor as infection or as major as Hepetitis. Another thing I'd recommend is looking at not only microblading before and after photos but also healed microblading photos.  I corect an average of one set pf poorly done brows per week.  They are very tricky to correct so please do your microblading homework!