You will probably ask yourself, "why go with Utah Microblading when there are so many other options in the state of Utah?" Here's how we'd respond. We are...

  • The only World-Pro artist in the state/Winner of prestigious World Pro logo, awarded to the top 1% of permanent makeup artists IN THE WORLD

  • Trusted by over 1500 permanent makeup clients

  • Have the highest number of 5 star reviews in the Salt Lake Valley

  • Trained and certified by world-renowned artists such as: Rita Romo of Baltic Brows, Kristina Melnichenko of 5 Star Brows and Dora Hollos of Essential PMU

  • Extensive art background-graduated from the U of U in Art History

  • Best Healed results in the state of Utah-just look at our gallery

  • We care and will work with our clients until they are satisfied

  • Below is the interview with our owner/lead artist Olya Van Patten

Nine years in the beauty industry as a licensed technician has taught me that patience and attention to detail will make for a happy client. Aesthetics is my life and I love to make everything and everyone around me look beautiful. I am also well acquainted with balance and symmetry because of my background in Art History. Remember Leonardo? He had the right idea. I believe that  even though every face is different, ALL have a possibility of a perfect balance.  I am not creating Stepford Wives here, only helping bring out the beauty that is already there!