Meet the Artist


Hi there, I am Olya, the CEO/Girl Boss of Utah Microblading Corp!

Yes, my name is unique and so am I.  I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia but have been living in the states for 25 years now.  I am going to keep my age to myself but have fun guessing :)

I graduated from the University of Utah in Art History and promptly did nothing with my major as Utah is sadly not a place for extensive art scene or many museums, so not much need for a curator here.  I've channeled my creativity in many ways over the years not the least of which has been esthetics. I love balance! I see it in nature, humans, houses, paintings,  in everything really! As I travel all over the world I've noticed something particularly interesting about women whose looks appeal to me...none of them look like they are wearing any makeup. Yet I know that with very few exceptions that's not true.  Have you ever seen a French woman with much makeup on?  I haven't, but they look sooo sexy...hmmm, what could be their secret? 

My mom used to tell me that it takes an enormous amount of work for a woman to look like she isn't trying at all.  Isn't that ironic?! Well guess what, natural looking permanent makeup is taking France and the rest of the civilized world by storm. Those gorgeous Romanian and Dutch women are sporting permanent makeup that is only recognizable to a real pro. In fact, most of the real pros are from the Eastern Block countries and from, wait for it...Russia!!! 

So that's what it's all about, looking effortlessly chic...without getting up an hour earlier to "put on your face".  I love it! All the free time to sleep in, or take a bath, or read a book, or maybe do responsible things like look after your children, or go to work ;)  It's your choice but whatever you are choosing to spend your time on it won't be makeup.  

Check out Microblading as an option for fresh, youthful brows, or Shadow Liner for that "got a full nights rest" look and don't forget Aquarelle Lips for all that smooching you'll be doing while looking "effortlessly chic".