Microblading Master Class 

Dates Upon Request

Instructor: Olya Van Patten

Did you "accidentally" go somewhere else for your Microblading Basics Class? Are you having trouble creating a perfect brow shape and realistic hair strokes? Is your retention less than optimal? Are you wondering how to implant more color in our strokes? In this class Olya will share key pointers about creating perfectly symmetrical brows and teach certified permanent makeup artists how to create crisp curved strokes with a U-shape extra sharp blade that will imitate a hyper-realism technique with realistic hair strokes and density.

Length - 1st Day 5pm-9pm, 2nd Day 9:30-1pm


Deposit-$400 (non-refundable)

  • For existing Professionals only - Permanent Makeup/SoftTap Basics Class or Microblading basics class is a pre-requisite for this training (proof of class required) I also reserve the right to turn anyone away if I feel their basic Microblading skills and important knowledge are lacking. In which case I would advise the student to retake the Basics course but this time from a seasoned professional (like myself or another experienced tech) who is able to give them the best education.

  • You will work on one live model

  • The Friday class starts at 5pm sharp and will end around 9pm, with the Saturday class going from 9:30am-1pm (respectively)/ one day class will be from 10am-6pm

  • Proof of current Bloodborne Pathogens certificate required

Please email to enroll: