Student Work During Manual Ombre Class

Student Work During Manual Ombre Class

Manual Microshading (Ombre)-March 2nd or 16th

Instructor: Olya Van Patten

Are you just starting out and do not have a permanent makeup machine or know how to use one? There is another way to create an Ombre brow with a manual method! Manual shading or Ombre will allow you to have great results on oily, mature or otherwise problematic skin that is not ideal for Microblading.  Instead of turning away clients because you have no better method to offer them, learn to do Manual Ombre brows and you will double your clientele and improve overall client satisfaction. 



Length-2 Days/Friday 5-9pm and Saturday 10am-1pm or a 1 Day 10am-6pm depending on the calendar

Class Size-Up to 6 students

  • We will provide a handheld pen and needles (1RL and 3RL with some extras for backup)
  • You will work on a live model 
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate required
  • Proof of Basics course training required
  • Contact our office to enroll: