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Scalp Micropigmenation

There is a new trend that is super exciting...well, it's not so new its just a million times better than what was available to us in the past.  Scalp pigmentation or trico-pigmentation as it is sometimes known is a fantastic solution for men and women alike.  Male pattern baldness or early hair loss can be a very traumatic experience. Many men choose to shave their remaining hair or utilize different sprays to create the illusion of hair thickness.  This is not only very costly but is incredibly time consuming. It can also be embarrassing as most scalp sprays will wash off in the rain or by sweating. Forget swimming when you have thinning hair and would like to hide it, there is not way around it...or is there? 

We'd like to say that now there is no reason to avoid swimming, dancing, even windy weather because we can create the illusion of a full scalp by adding hair follicles in the form of a micro pigmented dots in a natural pattern and matching your hair color! 

Women who find their hair thinning after pregnancy or because of thyroid conditions love this procedure.  Balding men who begin to look older than their age love this procedure.  People with prominent scarring on their scalp love this procedure. Come have a consultation and see for yourself what all the buzz is about!

 Here at Utah Microblading we bring expertise acquired after extensive training with one of the leading companies based in New York City.